Thursday 23 April 2015

Portstewart Strand 23/04/2015

This morning it was just John and I, starting at 06.15.  It was very foggy, persisting through the morning to our departure around midday.  The wind was very light and it was relatively mild, although a little damp from the fog.  Again we set up the three main net rides.
The RNLI Lifeboat appeared in the estuary mid morning at high tide and it is the first time we have seen it on the river.  A boat had run aground on the far bank in the fog and was in need of rescue.

There wasn't much moving in the fog and overall it was generally quiet.  The only thing of note was an increase of wagtails, which were likely to be White Wagtails heading north.  The ringing was made up mostly of Willow Warblers and probably an arrival of Blackbirds with 5 new birds ringed. 26 new birds and 8 retraps was still a decent return. 

              Blackbird        © RD

        Bullfinch      © RD

Ringing Totals 23/04/2015

                                        New         Retrap
Blackbird                           5                1
Blackcap                           1
Bullfinch                            1   
Dunnock                            1                 2               
Goldfinch                           2               
Great Tit                                               1
Linnet                                                   1
Reed Bunting                     1
Robin                                  2                                                                      
Willow Warbler                  14              3                
Wren                                                    1                                   

Total                                26                8
Steve and I are heading to Copeland Bird Observatory for the weekend, so we are hoping for some nice birds. The forecast is looking pretty poor but we will try to make the best of it.  

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